Enjoy Life in Portugal

Enjoy Life in Portugal

Living the good life in Central Portugal

Living low cost…in a charming country house surrounded by nature, growing your own fruit and vegetables, in fresh air, away from city stress and social pressure, enjoying 3000 hours of sunshine a year…these are the privileges of having a property in Central Portugal.

It is no longer a secret that the popularity of Portugal is growing, we give you 8 reasons to harvest now!

  1. You can still find VERY good deals on properties. Especially in the remote rural areas
  2. Rural tourism rental income: you can rent your property out as a holiday home
  3. Portugal’s culture is rich with fun traditions and the people highly value eating and drinking in groups of families and friends
  4. When you buy property in Portugal your child can benefit from a quality education at a local Portuguese school
  5. Portugal has an established ex-pat community with easy access via Facebook groups where you can ask questions, promote your business or just have a nice chat with people speaking your language
  6. Portugal is easily accessible from all European countries with short flight times via budget airlines
  7. European Union citizens do not need any visas to live, work or buy property in Portugal
  8. People who bought a property in Portugal are amazed about the friendliness and generosity of the Portuguese people. Warm hearts like they have, are hard to find nowadays in our cold Northern countries

Browse through our properties and find your piece of paradise in Portugal!

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